Castle Wedding

Let me set the stage: Old Castle with flickering flares of dancing light. Like faeries that flit and flutter in and out of frame (wicked little sprites).  A secret garden with moss covered statues, thier images  stolen from the ages.  Nature and semetry holding hands. Fountains, pools, cupid, cherubs, ancient urns, 3 great danes, 2 boars and 1 stag keeping watch.
Add to this – elegeant finery in an opulant setting. Shimmering fabrics, stained glass, ancient weather worn brick and 500 year old mahogany interior walls. The finest details in a place so beautiful, so full of wonder.. its no wonder it was a perfect day
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Honored to be asked to shoot for this important non profit organization again. This was a fundraiser/ auction – hosted by John Curley. He is such a dynamo of a personality, filling the room with his infectious energy and leading the fundraiser to a 10 year record breaking high. An emotional and inspiring eveninng. Cocoon House – Non Profit #silk2015

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James Thor

James Thor – His namesakes are two of his grandfathers and at the same time, The mythical Norse hammer-weilding God of thunder.

Entering in at 22” on May 26th of this year. Incidentally, the wettest day in US history to-date. No doubt there was some thunder & lightning that day. Coincidence?

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